Contact: Peter Visconti
Physical Address:
7450 Route 9
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Mailing Address:
60 Oak Street
Champlain, NY 12919

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Ten match season, starts mid January, all matches fired on your home range, targets for match 10 must be mailed to the match director and must be received prior to the submission date.

All clubs are welcome to join the league, its a great way to build your club program. Team scores are made up of top four shooters from your club, all scores are posted. (Teams that are handicapped by being short a person will receive pts for the person down, calculated as 75% of the average of the 3 shooters on the team)

Four-Position Division
The course of fire will be 10 shots per stage, prone, sitting, kneeling and standing at 50 ft. on the A17 target or air rifle from 33' on the AR 5/10 targets

Prone Division
The course of fire is be 40 shots prone fired on the USA-50 targets.

Air Rifle / Standing
The Course of fire is 40 shots Standing on the .177 air rifle, on the AR-5/10 target at 33

Shooters may fire in one, two or all three divisions however they must register and pay separately for each division they compete in. A shooters top score will be used for their team entry. Cost to register is $7 per shooter (no additional fee needed to organize team). A large portion of that is paid back to shooters in cash prizes for wining their group of 4 during week 7 or week 10.

Bracket Match for Weeks 7 & 10, Shooters in each discipline are ranked from top to bottom based on average and are placed in groups of 4 based on those averages. Winner of each bracket will receive $5

This organization is on facebook at Vt Winter Postal League / National Rifle League

Tentative Divisions for 2017 will be;
Sutter Gold CA
Sutter Blue CA
Sutter White CA
I-5s CA
Washington St WA

Albion PA
Amboy OH
Jamestown NY
Rochester Rifle NY
Rochester East, NY
Shelby IL

Alexander Bay NY
Massina NY
Plattsburgh Rough Riders NY
Plattsburgh JRS NY
Point Claire PQ, Canada
Marksman, NY

Aces NY
Barrington NH
Hudson Falls, NY
Niantic CT
Northfield VT
Whitehall NY

Central Florida, FL
Columbia CTY NY
Rotterdam NY
Rosyln NY
Long Island NY
New Holland PA
Cary, NC

Past League Champions
1975 Covered Bridge**1991 Burlington*****2002 Whitehall****2013 Whitehall
1976 Burlington********1992 Burlington****2003 Whitehall**** 2014 Albion
1977 Covered Bridge**1993 Burlington****2004 Whitehall**** 2015 Albion
1978 Whitehall********* 1994 Burlington**** 2005 Whitehall****2016 Sutter
1979 Whitehall**********1995 Fort Ann***** 2006 Whitehall****2017 Chico
1985 Whitehall********* 1996 Burlington**** 2007 Whitehall
1986 Whitehall********* 1997 Burlington**** 2008 Whitehall
1987 Burlington*********1998 Burlington****2009 Whitehall
1988 Burlington******** 1999 Fort Ann****** 2010 Whitehall
1989 Burlington******** 2000 Whitehall*******2011 Whitehall
1990 Burlington*********2001 Whitehall*******2012 Whitehall